Monday, October 23, 2017

The Last Undergrad Parents’ Weekend

“Can you come for Parents’ Weekend?” we heard Bec ask on a recent phone call. 

“I thought that you didn’t want us to come up this year,” I responded.

“Of course I do!”

While one of the rare times I was flicking through the television channels, I stopped and saw someone comment to his child (as best as I can remember it), “My life up to this point has been to keep you safe.  I have to remember that now that you are grown up, that particular job has ended.”  That sentiment captured how I felt about Bec’s Parents’ Weekend, and the same approach with Gab.  I no longer assume that they wanted us to visit, even though we always have GREAT times together.  So, of course, we were going…changing the plans we had to spend valuable time together as a family is a priority for us.

Debbie and I seem to be at a point in life where we are constantly busy.  I feel that, at times, I am trying to maximize the things that I am involved with, have little down time and work on planning ahead (i.e., fill our calendars in advance).  I remember a time in life where we could think of something we wanted to do, then go and do it.  Now, it is not unusual to have weekends scheduled 4 to 6 weeks in advance – it is crazy!  Nevertheless, when the girls want to get together, it is amazing how quickly that calendar frees up!

This Parents’ Weekend we did something for the first time – Debbie and I slept at Bec’s place.  It was exciting; Debbie got anew queen-sized blow up mattress for the event.  I got home from work (love those days when the commute is greater than 2 hours!  That is a topic for a different day), packed up, loaded the dogs into the car (yes, they got to go too) and off we went.  This was truly a family weekend.  Being the fall season, Bec scouted out a single activity for us – a local corn maze.  We love going to corn mazes, getting lost, and then finding our way out.  More times than not, we have been “ushered out” somewhere near closing time.  This year, the maze chosen was eight square acres, with high, thick corn growth.  We knew we were going to have a hard time.  As we set out, we realized that we had a secret weapon – two corn maze-sniffing dogs!  Who’d a thought?!?  Lucy Lou led the first leg and Sadie the second.  We whooped it up and did much celebrating once the dogs got us through safe and sound.  And the celebration continued as Bec pointed out that this was Lucy Lou’s birthday weekend (and 7 years as a Zeiler).
Come late Sunday, it was time to leave.  Yes, we left later than we should have; yes, we had a longer than needed goodbye; yes, it was almost midnight when I got to bed.  Would I do it all over again? YES!  Yeah for Parents’ Weekend, even if we did not participate in any school event.  We have been fortunate to spend time as a family – yet, now is the long stretch until we are all together again…the end of November, when I we can be thankful for our family coming back together.

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