Monday, May 21, 2018

Bec Graduates!

Bec has graduated college!!! 

I was tempted to end on that one exciting line.  Our baby has joined the ranks of college alumnus.  While at this point, she is no longer truly a baby.  However, as my mother (who Bec is named after) often told my brothers and me, “No matter how old you are, you will always be my babies.”  In truth, Bec has developed into a young adult, makes decisions for herself and has a great future of her own device ahead of her.  We all have reached an important milestone – for Bec, it is an end to undergrad life and for us, the time in our lives where we have seen both of our children reach an important education level. 

As we were with Gab last year at this time, we are proud of Bec.  As parents, we do the thing we feel is best to see our children strive to reach their potential.  While the girls are still young, the path before them is exciting, full of hopes, dreams, and goals to obtain.  I love the parenting quote by Andy Andrews, “We’re not trying to raise good kids. We’re trying to raise kids who become great adults.”  Once our children finish their education, like little birds leaving the nest, we must let them learn to fly on their own.  Yes, we still want to wrap them in their arms, to keep them safe, to watch over them and to still provide unending advice.  Even though Gab has been on her own this past year, that still holds true.  As with the young chick, she could stand on her own, make her own decisions and (happy for us) still come to spend time at our home.

At the ceremony, the moment that she came down the aisle during the processional, I was filled with emotion.  As she stood in line, I yelled loudly for Bec, she saw us, posed for a picture and then sat down.  The speeches were good and meaningful, but we still waited with anticipation for the moment when each student was called up.  We cheered wildly when her name was announced.  But when the President of the school conferred the moment of graduating upon the former undergrad students, with the symbolic of moving the tassel on their caps from the right to left, I felt a few tears leak out of my eyes.  Our baby is now a graduate, having worked hard to reach this point a year ahead of schedule.  The important lesson is there – work hard for the things that you want, stay focused and strive for your goals.  I am soooo proud of Bec!  I am proud of both my daughters (yes, I am sitting here writing with my chest puffed out) and all they have accomplished! 

For Bec, this is an end to one chapter of her life.  And like reading a book, the page is turned and now begins the adventure ahead.  Congratulations!

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