Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Accountability: Goal Checkup after 9 months

First off, I will spare everyone an updated photo of my bare body.  After the last accountability blog, someone told me that the visual burned their eyes out.  Here is the warning – pictures return at the end of the year post.

In terms of posting numbers – they were not as good as the last quarter.  I put on a few pounds, as I realized that I was less diligent in my eating than the prior months.  Nothing extreme, but instead of one day a week having a treat food, it was more than once a week.  NO EXCUSES. I will not blame the summer, I will not blame business travel, I will not blame other people.  My choices in what I put into my mouth took me off target.  My choices.  No one said creating new habits was easy.  As different mentors have pointed out, what is easy to do is just as easy not to do.

While I was away on business, I went out one night to an Irish pub for dinner.  The food was good and I enjoyed a tasty IPA called XXXX.  Afterward, I decided to check out a local brewpub, as this was a chance to try a local beer at the place where it was made.  While I strive to constantly work on myself, I found out I am human.  Below is an excerpt of what I wrote while I sat there…

Serious versus fun

I have to confess, my life is a struggle between being seriously focused on success and having fun.  If I swing one way or the other, I feel guilty.  Sometime times I wonder if all work and no play is true.  Sometimes I wonder if work hard, play hard is true.  I work hard at being good, but sometimes the "guilty pleasure" feels so good.

Deep fried Twinkie or deep fried devil dog, if I could choose only one, which would it be to accompany the taster porter I am drinking?  I poll my family.  Between the three of them, I get one of each and one that was not even in the running. 

Guilty pleasure - I have both.  Debbie warns me that whatever I order I have to finish.  I will take one...no, two for the team.  OMG!  I am in sugar heaven.  Being totally glutinous, I first order the deep fried twinkles. Oh, so good.  Not being able to control myself, I order the deep fried devil dogs, covered in chocolate sauce.  I think that I am in a sugar comma with my eyes wide open.

Tomorrow I will ride the stationary bike for longer than normal.  Sometimes, just sometimes, you have to let your hair down. 

After I was done satisfying my base human desire, I asked the waitress if I was the only idiot to order both desserts and finish them.  She said, “In the one year that I worked there, you were the first…and you are not an idiot.” 

As we head into the last quarter of the year, it is time to refocus on the goals, strive for our targets and be diligent in our efforts.  I am so close to my end of the year target, I can almost see it…but one does not finish the race, until one crosses the finish line.  Here is to a strong quarter not only for myself, but for you as well.

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