Monday, September 26, 2016

A Tail of Two Dogs

Five years ago, there was a change in the Zeiler household with the addition of a new family member – Lucy Lou.  We adopted Lucy Lou after three years of not having a dog.  She was perfect for our family.  She was estimated to be two years old, house broken and well mannered.  We all fell in love with her.  While she brought positive energy to our family, Bec (who took the loss of our previous dog very hard) really fell in love, and made sure each day included Lucy-time.  When the girls are away at school, Debbie and I send semi-daily photos.  Running daily errands, she happily went with Debbie for a ride.  She has even made it to TV!  The cool thing about her, her demeanor, her attitude, was that when you took her for a walk around the neighborhood, everyone knows her.  Walking at the park always garnered compliments.  She has even been to visit Gab at college, to the delight of Gab and her friends.  Everyone knows Lucy Lou (she has been a featured topic for me as well).

And then came Sadie…Sadie is my mother-in-law’s dog.  She was adopted as a puppy and came with  The girls quickly started referring to her as “Sadie, Sadie, Crazy Lady.”  For my mother-in-law, she fit the bill, as she became her constant companion.  As the perfect lapdog, Sadie would sit on her lap while watching TV and sleep in the bed with her.  Lucy Lou and Sadie got along great together and were inseparable.  They would play together and hang out together, always happy for that play date.  When it was time for Sadie to go home, like the little child that cries about not wanting to leave, she would not let my mother-in-law put her leash on.
all of the energy of a dog her age.

Last December, that all changed…When my Debbie’s mother got sick, Sadie stayed with us.  We hoped this would be a temporary situation.  As things have turned out, she is here to stay.  At first, it was like living with Ricochet Rabbit – always in motion, always looking for attention, always in your face.  Sadie does not have the same cuteness factor as Lucy Lou.  One of the girls told the story where they were out and someone saw Lucy and comment on how beautiful she is.  And then, Sadie’s head popped into the picture and the lady said, “and then there’s you.” 

Like humans, the dogs have distinct personalities.  Sadie is the hyperactive child that constantly needs attention.  Because of this, when you move, she comes running over thinking that it is time to play, or when you give attention to Lucy Lou, she inserts herself in front so that she gets petted.  Lucy Lou, on the other hand, is more laid back.  She will sit there looking at you, waiting for you to acknowledge her before she comes over for attention.  When she is done, she walks away.  They do have one common thread – they are both rescue dogs that have been “adopted.”  You never know what baggage they will bring into the relationship.  With Lucy Lou, her background seemed a bit sketchy, but she ended up being a perfect fit for our family.  We, in essence, are Sadie’s second family.  As I am writing this, I have noticed that she has begun to become a part of our family and starting to meld into our routines.  She is still quirky, but, heck, who isn’t.
Two Tired Best Dog Friends

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