Monday, September 19, 2016

A Milestone Passed By

Each week, I sit down shortly after I wake up and work on my Thoughts of the Week.  For whatever reason, this seems to be the time of the day when I find it easiest to write and my thoughts flow easily. During the weekend, Debbie edits my writing.  Sometimes it is either Gab or Bec that does the guest editing.  I found out early in the writing process that even though I reread / rewrite parts of my post, I am bound to overlook something, skip words, provide unclear context or write something unexpectedly out of line.  I am grateful for my family’s involvement and they are an important part of the process.  At the beginning of the week, I post my articles.

So, what is the big deal?  Last week, I posted the 150th blog article (the milestone).  In a month and a half, I will complete three years of sharing my thoughts with you (another milestone).  When I started writing, I had no expectations of how long I would be writing, but decided to take on the goal of being diligent about being open and honest, being open to the world around me and committed to looking for the lessons in life that we are constantly surrounded by, but sometimes miss. 

When I started this blog, I did not set out to achieve any big hairy audacious goals, but to have a chance to share my life journey.  Being open to new thoughts and ideas (internal and external), a desire to learn and the continuous process on working to improve myself, provides for plenty of material.  Being open to trying different thing and being involved in different activities, has, of course, been rewarding on many levels.  And, most important, having a family to share the experiences.

In honor of my humble milestone, I will keep this short.  Always remember to strive for the most that you can be: thank the people that help you along the way, and always look forward to what you can become as opposed to where you have been. 

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