Monday, October 31, 2016

Family: The Joy of Parent’s Weekend

Coming off back-to-back parent’s weekends, both Debbie and I felt great!  Both Gab and Bec traveled to each other’s school so that we had the chance to spend both weekends as a family.  It is amazing to see our little girls growing up and becoming young women, meeting their friends and roommates, and seeing them in an environment of their creation (as opposed to our creation).  As parents, we would do anything to spend time with our children, and now are happy to find out that they enjoy spending time with us.

One interesting observation - When the girls were in high school, they always had a say on what we did, but kind of let Debbie and I take the lead on planning whatever family activity we are going to do.  They have matured to the point where they have become active participants in planning.  While we knew what they were interested in, it is great seeing their interests develop to the point where they put forth their thoughts and, in some cases, want to share with us the things that they are excited about.  Case in point, we went to Bec’s parent weekend the day after our anniversary, so I wanted to go out for a nice dinner as a family.  I asked Bec if she had any thoughts.  She in turn asked a culinary friend (thanks, Zoe) if she had any recommendations.  Bec then called me back, told me she had a list and then proceeded to give me one restaurant’s name.  I trust both my daughter’s decisions, so we went it – a Spanish Tapas and wine place.  We had a great meal, a great time together and great fun!

We also realized that this past parent’s weekend for Gab was her last one, as she graduates in the spring.  We have always enjoyed the college trips to visit our children, have some appreciation for the areas that they (temporarily) live in, and getting the opportunity to see life through their eyes.  We know at some point the girls will move out permanently (hopefully not too far away), but for now, we are grateful for them and the times we spend together.   Family rocks!

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