Monday, June 18, 2018

Father’s Day 2018

“I will leave it up to you boys.”  That was not the answer I expected from my Dad.  The question, to put his words into context, was “Where do you want to celebrate Father’s Day?”  We had a few options, but the answer was simple. 

I have been a father now for 23+ years.  With the birth of Gab, my status changed and a new journey began.  The truth is, it has been a gratifying experience to be a father and I have been blessed with two wonderful children.  It is funny to have an official day set aside to celebrate all fathers (same goes with Mother’s Day), since I am a grateful Dad every day.  As a parent, I am happy to be remembered by my children and still enjoy when they come to me with questions, insight or accomplishments.  Debbie and I have worked towards being the best parents that we can be and the fact that our girls still love to hang out with is a testament to that.  For me, I still feel like every day is Father’s Day.

As a child, along with my brothers, we have been getting together to celebrate this day every year.  It is interesting to note, that as I have gotten older, the way I approach this day has changed.  No longer do I buy my dad a tie (he no longer wears them), or color a picture for him (I am sure he would still look at it).  Regardless of the day to celebrate, I do not wait until this one day to honor my dad.  And while I age, the time spent together might not be all the time, the time we do spent together is important.   

In thinking about my father’s response, I realize that one of the most precious things that each of us has to give is our time.  My dad’s response reflects this as it does not matter where we are, where we go or what we do, as long as we spend that time together as a family.  In the end, time together is the most precious gift…

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