Monday, June 25, 2018

Countdown to a New Journey

Photo by Sandy Alpern

I am about to embark on a new journey.  I do not mean that I am uprooting from my home and venturing forth into the big world that we live in.  This is a journey into a new role, one that I have never had the experience before.  I have already been nominated and am about to become the President of my synagogue.  Yes, I have been involved in clubs and groups before.  Yes, I have had management and leadership roles before.  But never as the person for which Harry S Truman famously had the sign on his desk, being the one where “The Buck Stops Here.”

How did I find myself in this position, you ask?  I was standing around minding my own business when I was first approached about becoming a Vice President, to which I quickly responded no.  Some time later, the then President came up to me and we were talking very nicely.  Yes, I was minding my own business, when he casually mentioned that there were some exciting things about to happen.  Somewhere deep inside my body, I heard the click of some switch, a light flickered in my brain.  He had piqued my interest.  Next thing I know, I was having a conversation with my family, then said yes.  Truth is, I was already serving on the Board of Trustees and involved to some extent.

My original decision to become involved was to have an opportunity to give back to my community.  Yes, it is easier to sit out in the congregation, be content to let others do the work and reap the benefits of membership.  However, I felt that maybe I can add insight, a different perspective and potentially a unique opinion to help others and our organization move forward.  As I have come to realize, the people that I have already worked with believe in what they are doing, are passionate about their beliefs and look towards a rosy tomorrow.  As with any group, each individual has their own good ideas.  I will listen to everyone, pay attention to their thoughts and include them in the process.

With a blink of an eye, the five years as a vice president passed.  At that time, it appeared as a daunting task.  They say that if you focus on the big goals, it is like standing at the bottom of the steps seeing only the step all the way at the top.  We all know that when walking up a staircase, we take one step at a time.  I have focused on each step and now find myself on the top step.  It does not seem daunting any more.  As I am about to step over the threshold, I look forward to the adventure ahead, with its challenges, excitement and opportunities. 

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