Monday, December 4, 2017

The House Is Empty…Again

Gab and Bec have left New Jersey, which means that the long holiday weekend is over.  For once, I can honestly say that the house feels “empty”.  Do not get me wrong, between Debbie, the two dogs and myself, the house is not “quiet”, it just feels empty.  Maybe it is because the past two years have had many challenges, that this might be the first time I really had a chance to notice.  Logically, I know they will be coming back soon, but it is a feeling that I seemed to have not noticed before.

Thanksgiving weekend is a great time, where in the middle of nowhere; we are celebrating a definitively American holiday.  Purposely avoiding any political correct landmines, we celebrate the arrival of freethinking individuals that landed in this part of the world, survived a harsh winter and lived amongst (or near) the Native Americans.  We supposedly recreate the festive meal they shared in thanks for survival in this new world.  Even as a child, I remember getting together with family to celebrate (by eating copious amounts of food).  We used to travel out to Long Island, sit in massive traffic (sometimes a three-hour trip) to spend this family event together.  Today, we celebrate locally, but it is still family time.  In fact, one of my brothers commented that this is what this day is about.  Agreed – being together (Dad did a Face time call to be with us for a while) and remembering what we have to be thankful for. 

And, just like that, the long weekend was over.  Maybe it was because there were many challenges faced this year.  Maybe it has to do with me getting older.  Maybe it is the thought that we are only a few years away from this particular dynamic changing as the girls head out more into the world.  This year I looked forward to being a complete family unit.  I enjoyed being that family unit.  It was good to have the house full, knowing where everyone was and what was happening.  Either way, during this Thanksgiving season, I am grateful for Debbie, Gab and Bec (yes, and Lucy Lou and Sadie).  I am grateful for my entire family, and thankful for all that I have.  Hope that you had a great Thanksgiving holiday and shared your gratitude with those around you.

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