Monday, March 6, 2017

Home Alone, or, the Sound of Silence

Day 2 – Today, I sit at home all by myself.  Bec came home for her trimester break and her and Debbie have gone to Florida for a few days.  I am happy that the two of them went away together, as this is a good school break for Bec and a great chance for some mother-daughter bonding.  This is odd for me, as I am the one who is usually away…now I am home alone in our house.  But what about the canine company you ask?  They have gone away, as well, to “Doggie Daycare” – that is right they get a vacation too!  Actually, they are vacationing because I leave the house for work early and come home late – too long for them to go without me walking into the house and finding a present waiting for me (and I do not mean the gift-wrapped variety).  It is weird being on the other side…

Day 3 – This morning, I realize that over the past 18 years, I have gotten familiar with the sounds that the house makes, or so I thought.  I was sitting here eating breakfast, and I heard an unusual clicking sound.  I never heard that before…and off I went to find out what it was.  I crept into the basement where the sound was coming from, a drop of cold sweat running down my forehead.  Yes, I was nervous for what I might find.  Click, click, it got a little louder.  As I came down the steps, I realized that it was the sound of metal expanding as the water heater was running.  Like the human body, the house has its gurgles and pops which I used to know.  I guess that I am more used to hearing Debbie or the girls moving around or hearing the padding footsteps of the dogs.

Day 4 – I travel for work, so there are times where I am away for one to two weeks.  My days are full, as being on-sight provides focus and I get to accomplish many things.  At the end of the day, after dinner (usually by myself), I retire to the hotel room that I am staying in.  It is a room, with a bed.  I generally read, write or zone out to something on TV.  I am a bit lonely, but am okay being in the smaller area.  Being limited in what is available for me to do means I come prepared to be alone.  Being in a comparatively bigger space, our house, is a different story.  This is clearly a case where circumstances are reversed, as the sound of the silence bounces non-existently off the walls, floor and ceiling.  I find that I look for things to do, not necessarily in the house (I am not a homebody) so as not to be alone, more so than when I travel…

Day 5 – Today, I am excited!  After work I will bring home the dogs, and then later tonight, Debbie and Bec return home.  I look forward to having life (other than my own) in the house.  While I am happy they were away, did their own thing and had a great time, a piece of me is VERY EXCITED to have them come safely home.  Like a kid walking into the candy store with enough money to buy the candy bar of one’s choice, I feel the same feeling. 

Day 6 – They are home!  They took a late flight in and uber home.  I decided at the last minute to surprise them, so off I went to the airport with the dogs.  Yes, I was excited to see them.  They both had a great trip, a good time and happy for the opportunity to spend the time together.  Last night, I went to sleep comforted by the sounds I hear in the house, I slept the best sleep in days and happily woke up listening to the sounds in the house I recognize and comfort in sensing the body next to mine.  All is good and right in the universe once again. :)

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