Monday, January 2, 2017

Accountability: Year End Goal Checkup

It has been 12 months since I put my goal online and became accountable to you on my progress.  I have to confess, while earlier in my life, I had targets and objects in terms of family and work that took years, this is the first time that I actively made a personal one-year goal.  I have had enough authors, speakers and mentors tell me that if you are diligent, focused and set your mind on something, you can accomplish whatever you want.  I was also once told (or read) that treating goals like steps and staring at the very top step make the goal daunting, so only look to take the first step.  Am I sometimes distracted?  Yes.  Are there tests to my will power?  Yes.  Do I miss any of the sacrifices that I made?  Yes.  A lifetime of sandwiches, pasta dishes, and assorted “fun” are hard to walk away from.  However, over time, as my new norm in eating became my daily diet, I no longer crave some foods.

OK, enough small talk; down to business!  The goal was to transform myself through diet and exercise.  The goal had to be measurable and here are the results:

  • Weight – Lost 14 pounds
  • Body Fat Percentage (using skinfold calipers) – Decreased by 7%, previous categorized as “Acceptable” to “Athletes,” a two level improvement
  • Waist – Lost 4.5 inches
  • Hips – Lost 1.75 inches

And, of course, the “proof is in the pudding,” so here is the LAST time (maybe) I will share these types of photos with you (for 2016):

Debbie said to me a few months ago, that my pants looked terrible on me.  My first reaction was claiming that my belts were too big and I needed new ones.  No – based on the numbers and pictures above, my pants should be too big for me.  The truth is that after wearing the same group of pants for many, many years…it was time to donate them (or throw out) and buy some new pants that fit me better.  I had worn pleats because they were stylish and trimming, now I can wear non-pleated pants.  Over the past few months, as I started to update my clothing, I realized that I felt better about myself.  I never felt bad about myself, but just felt better.  I am eating healthier, I am managing my weight and for the first time in my life, I am exercising.  I learned a truth taught by many – if you focus on the end results you want, it is easier to do the things you need to, to achieve them. 

During the year, I was asked, “How long are you going to be on this diet?” or “You really going to the gym?”  With a regimen of two eggs a day, I was asked if I was concerned about my cholesterol levels.  When I had my physical, all of my numbers were good.  The changes that I made were not meant to be temporary, but meant to be a way of life.  Being healthy is not a fad, but a lifestyle.  Deciding to be intentional in my actions has lead to healthier habits.  As someone who talks about change, writes about change, helps enact change, I can now show that I have lived change.  The changes were eating, appearance, clothing and even my glasses (after 7 plus years).  On that level, this has been a very positive year. 

Choose the goals that you really want to achieve.  Make them meaningful, make them measurable and make them personal.  Once you do that, I believe that you can and will achieve great things.

A happy, healthy and prosperous year to you and your families!

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