Monday, July 18, 2016

The Beginning

If I were to have do-over – would I do things differently?
If I had another chance – would I right the wrongs I brought on?
If I could hit undo – would I foolishly follow the same steps?
If I had my life to live over – would I live it more fully?
If I could revisit my choices – would I choose differently?
If I had the chance to say something when I did not – would I say the words I should have said?
If I knew I would die tomorrow – would I do something meaningful today?
If I knew of an impending devastation – would I spend more time with the ones that I love?
If I had hurt someone with my words or action – would I change how I treat others?
If I could start today again – would I change my morning routing?
If I took stock of my life – would I be honest with myself?
If I took the time to listen – would I hear others more clearly?
If I stopped to look about me – would I enjoy the things I missed before?
If I had spent more time on education – would I have learnt the lessons well?
If I could apologize for when I did not – would I have helped a situation for the better?
If I said thank you more often – would I feel more connected?
If I could provide positive praise – would I do what I could to help others?
If I showed more compassion – would I be closer to those around ne?
If I were to begin life anew – would I end up the same?
If I spent my time more wisely – would I give more of myself?
If I showed more respect for others – would I care more about other’s feelings?
If I acted more humbly – would I push less people away?
If I were to have a second chance – would I make the necessary changes?

If I were born this morning – would I treat life as a new beginning?

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