Tuesday, July 5, 2016

First Love Leaves You

The tears.  The crying.  The screaming.  We have all been there, when our first love leaves us.  You cultivate that intimate relationship, spending all of that valuable time together, learning about each other, feeling like they have become an extension of you.  Then, one day, gone…your first love leaves you.

Poor Gab.  She has spent those first few days putting on a brave face, smiling like nothing was happening; when we all knew she was blubbering inside.  We tried preparing for this possibility, but being young and somewhat inexperienced in this matter, she poo-poo’d us.  Even Bec was shocked at the reaction.  The public display of tears running down her face became inevitable. 

“Can’t you see that she is crying?” Debbie said to the man that was talking to them.

He kept on talking.

“Maybe he has seen this before and just wanted to get through it,” I responded when I heard the story.

“Gab, there will always be another…” I said hoping to help.

Gab snapped back, “…there can be no replacement for Hank!”

Hank was only a few years younger than Gab, but he played an important part in her life and was truly one of the family.  Then, Gab took off for the night and I hoped that when she returned she would feel better.

The next day, my happy little girl was back.  Many of us have that first love…some never outgrow it and are fascinated their entire lives by this small moment in our lives.  We are sad, and then move on.  There is nothing like one’s first car.  The adventures that we have, the time we spend driving and a first touch of our independence.  My car was a hand me down red Buick Century - my wheels, it took me to and from school, to my first job, on many adventures.  We all remember our first.  What was yours?

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