Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Father's Day 2016

Father’s Day or not, I am up early.  Taking the morning off to sleep in could have been an option.  I, however, am up early to play golf. 

I am part of a group of eight that rotate each week, so we share the overall costs and are not committed to play every week.  This is “my day”, so I do not mind the time spent with friends out in the nice weather attempting to look like we are golfers.  Will there be a time to sneak in a nap later? Maybe.

One of the nice things about pushing myself to get up this early is that the house is quiet.  I made myself an omelet and now enjoying my morning cup of tea.   Many thought leaders talk about the morning hours and how to use that “new found time” for exercise, reading or meditation.  I like to write in the morning, as my brain is not “cluttered” with thoughts about what has happened during the day or squeezing in the time between running from one thing to another; my brain tends to be more openly creative.  Breakfast is finished, now it is the computer and me – 20 minutes to half an hour pouring my thoughts onto the page.

“But, Wayne, that is valuable sleep time.”  Yes, I know.  Many people I know get up, grab something quick to eat and then run out the door.  That was my routine a few years ago.  When I decided to, as Jim Rohn puts it, “…work harder on myself…”, that included utilizing my time better.  There have been many a weekend, in my life, where I have not set an alarm and woken up at 10:30.  By the time I lounge in bed, get up and shower, it is time to think about lunch.  Now, that kind of morning is a treat, though I often feel that I have lost time to do something.

“Tweet, tweet.” I listen to the birds and watch them fly playfully past the back deck.  It looks like it will be a great day.  Good weather, a little golf and then time with my family; that sounds to me like a great way to spend my Sunday.  I am not sure why we need a “special” day set aside to celebrate Father’s Day, because, since I have had children, everyday is Father’s Day to me.  And, of course, as a child, I am happy to spend some time with my father today, for without him, I would not be here.  For me, I find that the day ahead is another day that I can feel blessed with the family that I have, value the time we get to share together and be grateful for the lives we lead. 

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