Monday, April 3, 2017

Trimming the Bushes

Each spring, I get to look out my window and look at the trees and bushes that are on our property and on our neighboring properties.  A number of years ago, the town replaced a tree on the street side of our property.  I watch each year as the tree grows a bit more, with some new branches sprouting outward.  Spring also means that there is a chance that some of the dirt patches will begin to show some new growth, fresh grass which will help fill out the lawn. 

These thoughts come filtering into my mind as I stand in front of my bathroom mirror.  As I lean in closer, I cannot believe what I see.  At what point in my life did that one random hair sprout from my ear?  Not some short, barely visible peach fuzz, but one long strand.  Then I notice the single thread of hair dangling from my nostril.  In the language of our youth - WTF????  Where did that come from?  OK, I can remove those.  What, do not tell me…why is there a few unsightly excessively long hairs in my eyebrows?!?

I am quite sure that when we were younger, my brothers and I had at least a few laughs at people with excessive hair growth from places that did not seem normal.  Little did we know at that time, that one day, we too would have hair sprouting in unsuspecting locations.  Was it karma or just our bodies doing their natural thing?  Should we just ignore them, which I am having trouble with doing as I am writing about it…For example – what do I do with that one lone hair that sits ABOVE my watch – when did that show up?

Grooming is not just making sure that I comb my hair anymore.  OK – it is confession time, as I do not look this good by accident only.  I engage in…manscaping.  OK, it is now out there…I am publishing this.  I do trim my eyebrows.  I do remove any random hairs jutting from my ears.  I do pluck those annoying nose hairs.  I do shave those few hairs that live on the lower back part of my neck (only on one side though).  Next time you see me – do not expect to see these random hair growths – they will be gone.  I do work towards giving a clean, professional image, and now this includes the new efforts I have started. 

I know that many of us face this phenomenon as we get older.  Some hair grows slower, some hair falls out, it is just the unsightly locations of the fresh growth that is weird.  I am sure each of us has a different tale to tell about related things happening to us as we age… care to be daring and share with us?

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