Monday, May 30, 2016


We come into this world a baby, like a plain block of marble, to be molded under the caring hands of a sculptor.  There is a big difference, the sculpture looks at what is in front of him or her and can "see" what is inside, chip away the excess and bring their baby to life.  As humans, we wing it, taking each step as it comes.  There is no way to fully prepare for parenthood, except to just do it.  While initially, parents, or guardians, dictate what the child’s life starts as; ultimately, the child, growing into an adult, needs to make the choices that will shape their lives.  Andy Andrews states, as parents “…the goal is not to raise great kids; it's to raise kids who become great adults.”

As we carefully teach our children, they must learn the importance of making their own choices, understanding that their choices have an impact on their lives, and the choices determine the outcome for their lives. All of our lives develop based upon the choices that we make.  Like Darren Hardy's Compound Effect, good choice made over time lead to a life we look forward to living.  Bad choices made over time lead to a life of confusion, excuses and blame. Good choice have the ability to impact the people around us positively, as the positive energy created radiates outward, providing insight, inspiration and well being of others as they enjoy the benefits of good decisions. Bad choices have the ability to impact the people around negatively, as the negative energy sucks the time and efforts of others as they attempt to make up the shortfall of loved ones poor decisions.

If one decides not to make their own choices, they can fall into the trap where they not only follow other’s choices (not always in the followers best interest), but believe, without complete knowledge, what they are being told.  Unfortunately, if one develops an entitlement mindset, they live their lives believing the lies they are fed (often presented by the government).  These include that someone else will take care of them, someone else will provide for them in their time of need and someone else will make sure things work out; only to find out, when it is too late, and that the promises never came true.  We have all seen both sides - the ones that lead the lives they prepared for and the ones that feel someone else owes them something. 

While being the steward of our own lives might not lead to untold riches, at the end of our days we will know that the choice we made was ours and that we took responsibility for our actions.  While not every choice is successful, learning from mistakes and making / adjusting choices can lead to the success that eluded us the first time.  Sadly, we get one shot at this life, we all, then, should strive to make the good choices, based on sound values, that will lead us into the life we choose.

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