Monday, October 5, 2015

Finishing the Year Strong

Ahhh!  It is the beginning of October and the lofty, achievable goals that I set back in January are not complete.  I only had three goals, lose five pounds, 10-15 minutes of home exercise five days a week and get a speaking gig.  I feel that it is like going to the bookstore, finding a book that you are all excited about, buying the book, coming home and proudly placing it on the bookshelf, where it remains.  Let us pull the book, my goal, from that shelf and take stock, or better put, have a check up, on my progress:

  • My weight loss goal – OK, I weigh pretty much today as I did at the beginning of the year.  At least I did not gain weight, right?  FAILING
  • My exercise goal – I started the year with a few minutes a day, then dwindled to nothing.  FAILING
  • My speaking goal – I did speak in public, but it was free.  FAILING

Did I have accomplishments this year?  The answer would be yes, many of which I write about.  The fact that I had some new experiences this year was great.  I believe that we should stretch ourselves, stepping out of our comfort zones.  Opening ourselves up to new opportunities and experiences is something we should do every day.  However, there were three things, which I set out to do and have not accomplished one of them.  If I did one, that would give me a .333 average, which would be great if I was a baseball player.  Have you ever seen me play baseball?  Good, it would not be a pretty sight and not one of my goals.  However, that has nothing to do with the .000 batting average I have with my 2015 goals.

Does this make me a loser?  No, it does not.  Does this make me a procrastinator?  Maybe, but that means that I still have time to address these goals.  Let’s see, there are about 87 days left in 2015.  Are my goals still achievable?  Weight – Yes.  Exercise – Yes. Speaking – Maybe.  Is there enough time to tackle at least two, if not three of my goals?  Yes.  There is definitely time to focus on the goals and set them as a priority.  It is up to me to action this.  It is up to me to make this happen.  If I do not succeed, I do not have anyone to blame but myself, as I control my destiny.  I will finish the year strong!

How many of you have completed your goals, are on track to complete your goals, or, have forgotten what the goals were?  Please share…

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