Monday, August 8, 2016

The Bear and The Fork

Early one morning, the young bear slowly made his way through the woods.  Being young, and it being early, the young bear was ready for breakfast.  Not being fully awake yet, the young bear walked slowly through the woods with his eyes not fully open.

“Are you out looking for honey?” asked one of his little friends.

“Yes.  I am tired, but my tummy is wide awake.”

“I was up early and have made my tummy happy already,” the friend responded.  “I will see you later.”

The bear continued on his way, thinking about nothing but his breakfast, until he came to a fork in the path.  The young bear stopped in his tracks.  He was tired, hungry and now slightly confused.  “Which way do I go?” thought the young bear. 

“Are you lost?” asked an older bear that had come up from behind.

“I do not remember which path to take,” the young replied.

“Everyone is going down this path, where we always go.  I am headed that way now.  Will you follow?”

The young bear looked down the one path and the dirt lane that the older bear was headed towards.   The other path was covered in slightly trodden grass.  Being young, the bear though that he should just listen to the older bear and follow the path everyone takes.  But, curiosity got the better of him.  He realized that he could see what was ahead on the less trodden grass way and if there was nothing, he could always return and go the other way.

The older bear saw out of the corner of her eye the young bear’s decision to go the other way.  “I always thought that bear was slightly off.  He is taking the wrong path and he will be back. ”

Often enough we follow the path laid out before us, forgetting that someone once took that first step along the less trodden grass.

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