Monday, November 23, 2015

Our Love Affair with Our Phone

 “Commander, this is reconnaissance mission X-KL5, reporting from the inhabited third planet from the star Sol, which the local intelligent life forms refer to as Earth.”

“We read you loud and clear, Commander.  What is you report for today?”

“I am trying to fit in, and have observed a few things.  These creatures come in many shapes, sizes, and colors, some of which designate their origins on the planet.  Age seems to be decided based on factors, such as smoothness of skin that they try to hide or modify, as if veneration is not looked for.  In this highly populated area, they call a city, I have figured out one commonality.  All bipeds seem to have on them a thin, rectangular device, which they are in constant contact with, and seem lost without.  I am not sure its use, if it is a life guide, a communicator, or control device.  Sometimes it is attached, via a wire, to their auditory appendage.  Other times, they stare at it constantly, or hold up for others to see as if it is a trophy…”

Wait…what is this fictional character talking about?  Is that our…cell phones / mobile devices?  Have we really become that dependent on them?  It certainly seems that way; in the last 10 years, our mobile devices have become integrated into our lives.  As with all technological advances, there are positives and negatives.  I think that I can almost categorize people by their phone usages:

The Meanderer:  This is the person that you are stuck walking behind.  They do not walk straight, but tend to meander back and forth across the sidewalk, as they are more focused on their mobile device than where they are going.

The Car Meanderer:  This is the same person as above, except this time, they are texting while driving.  Unfortunately, this version is dangerous to themselves, everyone on the road and their passengers.

I Only Need One Hand:  This is a guys only technique (I hope), where they engage their phones at the public urinal.  You hope they are not so distracted to forget to pass by the sink.

The Conductor:  These are the people that have no consideration for the crowded sidewalks, events, etc., that insist they have the right to swing their selfie sticks into position.  If they hit you, it is your fault.

The Public Blabberer:  This is the person, when you are sitting in a crowded bus, on the quiet car on the train, in the movie or any other public place that has to have a personal phone conversation for everyone to hear.  They must think they are in the cone of silence and have to cares as to whom they distract.

Below is a great picture, that went viral, showing how we are so tuned in to capture and record the world around us that we forget to take the time to live in the moment and enjoy life as it unfolds (notice the one lady enjoying the moment).  Most people will make excuses for their phone being at the ready position.  I remember, not long ago, when we did not have such conveniences.  We made it, we survived, and we enjoy the company of others (instead of skyping our local friends), stopped and smelled the roses (instead of looking them up on-line) and enjoyed telling stories / relating events (instead of posting our selfies). 

Please feel free to share the types of people you see and how do you categorize them.  Maybe even share a picture of them in action…

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