Monday, August 3, 2015

I Just Signed a New Contract!

I knew that the time was coming and I could not believe it was here.  There it was in front me, all I needed was to put the ink to the paper.  Of course, this would mean a change.  I know I have talked and written about change, the benefits of change and peoples’ aversion to change.  How would I now react when in the same position?  All of a sudden, the conversation started up in my head, not quite like Pinto in Animal House, but enough to give pause to what I was going to do.

“Do it!  Do it!”
“I do not know if I can, I am so comfortable and it is easier to keep things the same.”
“Wait, aren’t you the one that writes about the benefits of change?  And deals with change at work?”
“Yes, I am guilty on both counts there.”
“So, Mr. Hypocrite, what’s the big deal about making a change?”
“Change, even for someone that promotes change, does not always come easy.”
“Ah, you’re full of hot air, like them politicians.”

So here I am, on the ready.  I remember my Dad saying I tended towards not liking to make changes when I was younger.  Am I, when it comes to me?  I mean, it has been years without a change.  Take a deep breath, Wayne. 

Does this make sense?  “Yes.” 

Have the conditions in my life changed over the past few years?  “Yes.”

Do I really feel good about this?  “Yes.” 

OK, I am going for it.  I sign my name and after about 12 years, I was going to make the change.  I felt giddy, like a little kid.  I know that I made the right decision.  After leasing four Camry’s, I am switching to a Prius!  Change, after all, is good!