Monday, July 6, 2015

I Got a Promotion This Week!

Even at 52 year old, something as simple as promotion can really get me going!  You know, you work hard at something, you do it consistently, and you remain persistent towards your goals, all the time wondering if someone notices.  One day you hear, “I have a little speech to give you,” and the first thought is “What did I do?” Yes, even optimists have these thoughts.  I was pleased to hear the good news, but as with such things, there is a higher level of responsibility.  That is where I hope not to disappoint.

As a parent, we constantly strive to provide a good example.  Our children are like sponges, they see what we do, they imitate the things that they see, and then it becomes a part of who they will be.  I have always believed in leading by example, I work hard, strive for the things that have meaning to me, enjoy taking care of my family, etc. It kind of follows the old catch phrase, “Monkey see, Monkey do.”  It is important to show that with hard work and being diligent in our efforts, we can take the steps to move ahead.  I continue striving to set a positive example, even as my children are transitioning to the young adult stages of their lives. 

Even as adults, the “Monkey see, Monkey do” philosophy works.  If you find someone that is tops in their field, watch what they do and learn from  them, you can strive for better things.  I happened to be in the right place at the right time to watch and learn from one of the best in the business, so when he delivered his speech to me, I was so excited that it included the word “boss”.  There he was, standing in front of me, a giant in his field, Juggles, the clown, who due to a recent injury asked me to step up and to be the Boss Clown for the July 4th Parade.  What an honor and a privilege.  He informed my fellow clowns, “Laff a Lot” and “Frumpy”, that I was going to be the Boss Clown.  OK, so there was some horn honking, attempts at high fives and the other things that clowns do, and at the parade, we did the things we always do – bring joy and happiness to the parade goers.  Juggles, and his wife Glitter, as a clown group, have the name the states what clowns do, we bring “Miles of Smiles” to children, both young and old.  At the end of the day, I was still just a clown, but the recognition did mean a lot to me, and the one day I get to be “G Clef”, is a day I look forward to every year.

Hope that you had a great July 4th weekend, enjoying the independence that was hard fought and ours to cherish!

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