Monday, June 1, 2015

I Vant To Suck Your Blood

I had this dream recently, where it was nighttime and I happened to be flying over this neighborhood.  I saw Bec, out of the corner of my eye, and she seemed to be climbing out of sewer.  Not sure why she was climbing out of the sewer, but I knew that she was watching over something important.  I was flying towards a house that had vampires living in it.  Bec yelled out to be careful as they have some kind of security and they would notice me.  As I flew under the wires leading to the house, I noticed no special security in place.  I flew up and alighted atop of the house.  After a while, they were throwing dead fish at me and I was using a door as a bat to hit the dead fish back at them.  Then I woke up, a little confused by the dream, but happy to remember it and write it down.

This was not too long of a dream.  I usually share the lengthy dreams that I remember with Debbie and the girls.  In fact, there were times where Debbie had to endure me following her around the house so that I could finish the retelling of the dream.  Up until a few years ago, I was the only one having these long, bizarre dreams, then Gab started to have them, and, most recently, Bec did.  There have been whole meals where we talk about our dreams.  Sometime, the dreams seem to have no meaning.  Sometimes, they seem to have hidden messages / symbols.  This particular dream…did.

Lessons from my Dream:

  • Bec watching over something – this was the day she had the “fake baby” for her early development class, where Bec had to care for a baby (e.g., Change diaper, feed, hold) and showing her maternal instincts (Bec got 100% and was a worthy mother!).
  • House of vampires – Vampires suck the life (blood) out of you.  While there are no real vampires, there are those people, through their negativity, that can suck the life out of you.  It seems as if it takes more energy to engage with a negative person than a positive one. 
  • Bec yelling to be careful - Warning me to be careful dealing with negative people, of which there are no shortages of them in all parts of our lives.  The warning is a reminder that negative people, thoughts, etc., should be minimized, if not completely avoided.
  • The lack of security - the residents of the house showed openness and no fear of engagement.  A negative person is happy / open to talk to you and share their thoughts, bringing you to their level.  As Jim Rohn said, “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” 
  • Flying up to the roof - I always dreamt of flying, usually not with wings, but more of by thought.  The fact that I was able to land on top meant that when I am facing negative people, I have a tendency to come out on top of the situation. 
  • Batting the fish with the door – The dead fish are the negative comment, thoughts, ideas being “thrown” at me.  Hitting the fish were me fighting back (Clearly, using a door related to me leaving an old room door and two closet doors at the curb the prior night for garbage pickup).
  • Waking up – you cannot argue / go toe-to-toe with a negative person.  Sometimes, you need to walk away from the negative thing and disassociate from negative people.  For me, that meant waking up.

Be aware of the negative people, incidents or thoughts, as they can drain you and distract you from your goals.  That is good advice, even if depicted in an unusual fashion.