Monday, July 7, 2014

What a Clown!

Someone once pointed out that it is the journey that is important, not the destination.  It is during the journey where we have the opportunity to pick up knowledge; learn new things about ourselves and others; positively impact peoples’ lives and gain wisdom.  I know that destinations and goals are important in having something(s) to strive for, which provides purpose to our days and success in our lives.  Sometimes, we have opportunities that take us slightly off our path, but nonetheless, provide personal satisfaction and have the chance to bring a smile to other people.

This was the fourth year that I have been able to put on a red nose, wear brightly colored clothes, walk around in purple shoes, don a purple derby, put on makeup, then go out in public and not think it is weird. 


That is right, that is a picture of me and how I spent part of my July 4th!  Being a clown was not something that was on my bucket list, but when I was given the opportunity at participating in a large parade as a clown, it was something that I just had to try.  First thing was to learn how to dress as a clown.  My clown friends, Juggles and Glitter, helped me with that.  Next was being able to walk 2 miles.  Got that one.  Interact, but do not scare children.  I think I can do that.  Be able to wave and high five.  Piece of cake.

The parade started and off we go.  I walk down the left side of the street.  “Hey, Clown, over here” yells some kids.  I run across the street in front of a float and high five a group of kids. Next kid asks if she can take a selfie with me…that was a first!  I give high fives to kids in strollers, kids eating ice cream, teenagers happy to join in, and even with those kids that come in older forms.  It is truly a blessed feeling to be able to see someone break into a smile when a clown comes up to him or her and gives him or her a few seconds of attention.  At some point, the parade has passed me by, and the crowd begins to break up.  Finally, I make it to the end and there are two fans waiting patiently for this clown to reach – my wife and dog.  It was a great experience and great to be able spread some happiness around. 

Afterwards, satisfied, tired and hungry, we needed an energy boost.  The picture below proves that even clowns do eat…