Monday, June 16, 2014

Father’s Day

As my oldest daughter was exiting my wife’s lower body cavity, I was hit with the thought, “I’ve become my father!” Have I really become my Father, or was it the realization that now I am a dad and have to take responsibility for the life that my wife and I had been blessed with.  From that moment on, whatever my thoughts were, they became filled with the life of someone that I had brought into this world and whose life I needed to be responsible toward!  Two years later, we were blessed with a second child.    

I remember the day I graduated college, I had one life that I was responsible for – my own.  Truth be told, I was living at home and had my parents as a safety net, for which I am grateful.  Then I had the good fortune to meet the woman that I would share my life with – my beloved wife.  OK, so now I had two people that I felt responsible for, except that my wife had a job and had the ability to take care of herself.  I did not think that I was prepared when the day came when the “stork” paid us a visit and left Gab on our “front porch”.  Would I be up to the job of not just being a father, but being a Dad?
As a new parent, we do not know what the future will bring.  Children do not come with a manual and therefore we need to go through on the job training.  Yes, we have our own parents to look at for guidance, but the lives that we hold in our hands are our responsibility.  The lessons we teach and the values we pass on are the things that will potentially shape their futures.  As we celebrated Father’s Day yesterday, and celebrated Mother’s Day last month, we give honor and tribute to our parents for all that they have done for us.  But when we receive the love from our own children, we truly appreciate these two days, and every other day of the year. I am happy to be called Dad, and truly feel blessed with the birth of both of our children.

I hope that you had a great Father’s Day.  A day where we have a chance to honor our Fathers and a day, as parents, we get to appreciate our children.